Other resources on the Arctic and the Antarctic

Arctic Institute of North America (Canada)

Arctic Council (intergovernmental)

Maps of the first Arctic Permafrost Atlas(GRID-Arendal) ** NEW **

Arctic Change Indicator (NOAA) (USA)

Arctic Theme Page of NOAA (USA)

Scripps CO2 Program (UCSD, USA)

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (Russia)

Arctic and Antarctic Research Center (USA)

The Norway Post - Science & Research

Norwegian links (Bent Svinnung)

Oil on Ice (USA: documentary)

Tromsø Museum (Norway)

The Russian State Museum of Arctic and Antarctic (Russia)

Educational Vacation Resources: A Guide to the Arctic Circle (USA)

University of Alaska Museum (USA)

The Svalbard Pages Links

Other travel related resources

Expeditions to the Arctic (USA)